Washington State Adult Soccer Association

All Nations Cup 2019

Open Division - July 27 - 28/Quarters, semis, finals August 3-4

Masters division - August 2-4/ Semis and final August 4

Starfire Sports Complex , Tukwila Washington

For registration info contact Robin@wssa.org


Posted Feb 13, 2019



  1. Rosters and Player Credentials


   A.The Tournament Director will supply you with a roster before the first game.  The

         roster can list no more than 22 players total.  All players on the roster must carry

         valid playing credentials to be presented to the referee prior to entry onto the field

         for actual play.


    B.Valid playing credentials are limited to the following:

       1) A valid WSSA card or WSYSA card.

       2) A valid player card or pass from a USSF affiliated state association.

       3) A valid player pass from a FIFA affiliated national association.


    C.Only players listed on the final roster of a team may play for that team in any game

         in the tournament.  Up to two (2) roster moves (replacing a player or adding a 

         player -  if your roster is not full -  constitutes one move) may be made during the

         preliminary competition prior to the start of the 3rdmatch.  Rosters are frozen once

         play has commenced on the final preliminary game.


    D.No player may be on more than one roster in the tournament unless it is in the

          Open and Masters Competition.


  1. Organization of Play and Standing Determination


  1. All divisions consist of one or more groups that will play in a competition as size allows. The number of groups depends on the number of entries in the division and is established at the discretion of the Tournament Director.


  1. Teams will advance to quarter-finals/ semi-final and/or final games according to standings after competition.


  1. Through the competition, the standings will be determined by total points using the

        following system:

        Win- 6 points, Tie- 3 points, Shutout- 1 point, Goals- 1 point per goal up to 3,

        Forfeit- 8 points







  1. Ties in the team standings within a group at the end of the qualifying round will be

      broken by:

   1) Result of game between the tied teams, if any (head to head)

   2) Best goal difference (goals for less goals against)

   3) Least total goals allowed

   4) Most total goals scored

   5) Coin Toss (or Penalty shootout tiebreaker if time permits)


  1. Quarterfinal seeding will be as follows:

    1) First team in each bracket will advance.

    2) Three best second place teams will advance.

    3) Advancing teams will be numbered 1 thru 8 according to the amount of points they

        accumulated in the first round (highest to lowest).

    4) Seeding will be 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, and 4 vs 5.

        EXCEPTION:Advancing teams from the same bracket in the first round will not   

        be seeded against each other in the Quarterfinals.  Adjustments to the seeding will

        be made if necessary.


  F.If a Quarterfinal or Semi-final match is tied at the end of regulation a winner will be

       determined by an overtime of ten minutes (five minutes in each direction).   If the

       game remains tied, the final score will be determined by kicks from the mark in

       accordance with FIFA rules.   If either final (Open or Masters) is tied at the end of

       regulation time, an overtime of 30 minutes will be played (15 minutes each

       direction). If the game remains tied, the final score will be determined by kicks from    

       the mark in accordance with FIFA rules.



  1. Rules of Competition


  A.FIFA rules will apply in all games except as noted.


  B.Game duration will be two 35-minute halves during the preliminary rounds and

        Quarterfinals.   Ties will stand except in Quarterfinal, Semi-final and Final games.

        Game duration for Semi-finals and Finals will be two 45 minute halves.


  1. The HOME TEAM is listed first on the schedule. In case of jersey color conflict, the home team will change. Each team will have alternate jerseys available.


  1. Uniforms will consist of matching jersey and shorts. Jerseys must be numbered, and no two players on the same team can have the same number. The Tournament Director will decide as to the appropriateness of any uniform if questions should arise.


  1. All games will start as scheduled. Grace period shall not exceed 15 minutes and is at the discretion of the Tournament Director. If a team is unable to start on time that team will forfeit with a 1-0 loss.






  1. The team manager will submit a completed game sheet to the referee prior to each game. Only players listed on that particular game sheet are allowed to play in that game. A player listed on the game sheet must also be listed on the team roster.


  1. Substitutions are unlimited except that no more than 2 substitutions can be made at

        any one time. Substitutions can be made on any dead ball with permission of the  



  1. Penalties for Rule Violation: Protests.


  1. Any Washington state team, once accepting the invitation to participate and then failing to appear, will be fined $200.00. Players on the rosters of such teams may be subject to additional sanctions.


  1. Players ejected from a match will be suspended for a minimum of one game. Suspensions can be longer at discretion of the Tournament Judicial Committee based on the circumstance surrounding the incident.


  1. Teams found in violation of any of the rules of the Tournament will be disqualified from the Tournament. All games in which they have played will revert to forfeiture and the standings adjusted thereby, subject to the approval of the Tournament Director.


  1. Penalty for forfeiture shall consist of the score adjustment of the forfeiting team to a 0-1 loss and the opposing team is awarded 8 points. In the event of the disqualification or early withdrawal of a team, all games the disqualified or withdrawing team participated in will become 1-0 forfeits.  No actual results from prior games will be used to determine total points for any one team within the affected bracket.


  E.A team may file a protest on a match with the Tournament Director if:

     1) It is filed within 30 minutes of the end of the game,

     2) it is presented in writing, and

     3) it specifically cites the FIFA law or Cup rule which has been violated, and

     4) a protest fee of $50.00 cash is attached. (Non-refundable if the protest is lost).


  F.In case of question, interpretation, or dispute, the decision of the Tournament

       Director will be final.